Dear Little Mary
Soldier's Nurse

Why should nations worry,
And try to rule the earth?
Why all this fuss and flurry?
Instead of peace and mirth.
But when there's war and trouble,
There's one, the friend of all,
True blue to every soldier,
Where ever he may fall.

Dear little Mary, Red Cross Nurse,
Came like a fairy to soothe war's curse,
She has a smile that will beguile,
Her sympathetic smile is well worth while,
Sweet little Mary, she's a queen,
Kin to an angel, the soldiers' dream,
She's kind and tender, In times adverse,
We love you little Mary, Red Cross Nurse.

When war comes upon us,
Just nations stand abreast,
To fight a fight that's manly,
And stand by the oppressed.
We'll wage a war of justice,
Go on with thoughts devout,
And there is one among us,
That can't be done without.


All should learn a lesson
And stop all future war,
Do justice to each other,
Have peace from shore to shore.
Let us be friends and neighbors,
No nation be the boss,
Let all be like dear Mary,
And be one Great Red Cross.