Many dolls can be found with a red cross on dress, cap, or cape.  Nurse dolls in particiular often received a cross whether or not authorized by the Red Cross organization.  With stricter enforcement of the regulations for using the emblem since WWII, this use has lessened.  (At least in some countries.)  It would be almost impossible to determine if an older doll was "official" at the time of issue.

These dolls were produced or authorized by the American Red Cross in more recent years.  They come from chapters, an overseas station, and National Headquarters.
Produced by:  Byers' Choice

For:  Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter, Philadelphia

Year:  1999

Height:  12" (excluding stand)

Comments:  Both blonde and brunette versions.  Blonde version found with and without cross on apron.

Produced by:  Floyd Middleton

For:  Washington County Chapter, Marietta, Ohio

Year:  2002

Height:  25"

Comments:  Dolls are numbered and signed.

Produced by:  Union Porcelin, Italy

For:  Vicenza Station, Italy

Authorized by:  National Headquarters

Year:  1996

Height:  16"

Comments:  Tag on back of skirt

Produced by:  Danbury Mint

Authorized by:  National Headquarters

Year:  1986

Height:  13"

Comments:  Numbered, comes with Scottie dog and collection box.  Based on Saturday Evening Post cover by Norman Rockwell. 

Produced by:  Danbury Mint

Authorized by:  National Headquarters

Year: 1997

Height:  18"

Comments:  Comes with numbered/named Certificate of Authenticity. 

Produced for:  National Headquarters

Year:  1996 (late '95?)

Height:  13"

Comments:  3-in-1 doll came with coloring/story book involving the 3 characters--a nurse, disaster worker, and Service to Armed Forces worker.

Initial sample run of 3-in-1 doll had white disaster worker.
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