Keep the Red Cross Gleaming

Are the Red Cross colors gleaming
In your window clear tonight?
Can the dimmed eye or a soldier
See the never failing light?
Will some fond and loving mother
Watch the marching line in vain
While that boy that you deserted
May be counted with the slain?

Keep the Red Cross gleaming
With the old flag streaming
O'er the Yankee soldier boys
Where e're they be.
Side by side they're daring,
Deaths grim fires are flaring;
Standing guard with angels
Sons of Liberty.

Let us wait not till tomorrow
For tomorrow is too late,
War guns never wait for laggard men.
The hero meets his fate.
Will our hearts be sad and heavy
As with many a bitter sigh
We remember how we failed to help
The heroes marching by?


Can you hear the Red Cross angels
As they call for you and me.
From the battlefields of freedom
In the land across the sea?
Where the wounded soldier waited
For the flag that never came.
Did our waiting till tomorrow
Add the stinging to his pain?