Knitting Song

We have joined the Red Cross Army
With its thousands thousands strong,
And we're working with our might and main
to help the cause along.
We have no time for sighing
If we keep our needles flying.
For we've joined the Red Cross Army
with it's throng.

We are knitting, knitting, knitting all the day,
For soldier boys in France so far away.
And in this world's dread fray,
We may win for U.S.A.

Young and old alike, are knitting,
With a tender thought and care,
For the soldier boys across the sea,
Who bravely do and dare,
And all the time we're sitting,
We just keep our fingers knitting
While within each heart is breathed
a silent prayer.


We will keep the "Home Fires Burning,"
Here to welcome their returning
While within each heart with love and hope
the embers brightly glow.
So with the old clock's ticking,
Our needles keep time clicking,
While with joy for that glad day
the teardrops sew.