American Red Cross

These links will take you to pictures of some of the postcards issued by the American Red Cross.  I have tried to group them by series, country, or similar subjects.  I by no means have them all--and don't often know what is missing from a series, if any.  Some postcards are obviously old and the scans might not be the best in the world--but you will get an idea of some of what is "out there!"  Have something I don't?  Send me a picture!  Have an extra?  Let's talk!
   This site is forever under construction--I will be adding cards as time (and picture availability) permits.   A "**" indicates a category where cards have recently been updated. (10/11/10)
LOC Canteen in France
Other ARC Cards Issued
In France **
Somewhere in America
Somewhere in Great Britain
Rainbow Corner & other misc. cards from Great Britain
American Red Cross
Service Clubs (series)
From ARC in Italy
Canteens around the U.S.
More Canteens **
Fund Campaign Cards
Series 571--nurse
National Headquarters
over the years
Water Safety Related
Red Cross Buildings
Serving the Military
  Other ARC Buildings
(Chapters, Blood Centers)
 Misc. Wartime Themes **
  Somewhere in Australia
ARC in India
Sailors' Club WWII
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