Rainbow Corner

Just off Piccadilly, London's Great White Way,
There's a Red Cross Club near the Empire's hub
where ev'rething's Okay.
Do you know boy Johnny Doughboy
met his sweetie there?
Incident'ly I've just hear of the sweetest love affair.

It all began on Rainbow Corner up on a London Avenue,
She had a date to keep to ride in a little Jeep,
in Nineteen forty-two.
They drove along to Rainbow corner
to do a movie and a dance.
She came from Pimlico, and he came from Idaho,
and so began romance.

One sweet canoodle 'neath a Cockney moon above,
Made Yankee Doodle whisper "Honey I'm in love!"
It all began on Rainbow Corner
and very soon there'll come a day,
She'll wear a wedding gown and they'll go to settle down
in good ole U. S. A.