Shirley Powers

Volunteer ARC Historian

ARC Collector

Welcome! I've been a Volunteer Historian for the American Red Cross since 1983.  I can help you identify:
  • ARC pins,
  • Nationally-issued posters,
  • ARC uniforms
 As a collector, I am interested in all these plus
  • Patches
  • Postcards
  • Sheet Music

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and many other items issued by (or about) the American Red Cross.

I am neither a dealer nor an appraiser, and National ARC policy asks that I not give values of memorabilia.  In any case, I would only be able to guess!

NOTE:  If you email me with a question, please be sure a reply will get through any filtering software you have on your computer. (or include a phone number)   Sometimes I try to reply and the message comes back...and I've no other way to contact you! Also, be sure to put something in the Subject line...there is a virus going around that sends out emails with no subject...I don't open these.

Identifying Your Pins/Medals

If you are looking to identify ARC pins and medals, you might be interested in "A Collector's Guide to Red Cross Pins." 

It's Here!!  The latest edition is from January 2022! It's Free!!  The Guide can be viewed with Acrobat Reader or downloaded to the device of your choice.  Additional pins are shown under New Pins below.  For download information click here

If you only have one or two items to identify, you can contact me by email with a picture or description and I'll get back to you.

Volunteer Service Pins

Information About Nurse Badges

National Pins from the 1940's (WWII)

Help ME identify pins! Here are some pictures of pins that I don't know "Who Done It?" Do you? 01/31/13

Other Useful Pin Information

As new pins are issued (or "newly" discovered)  I try to help people keep up.  These pages show pins and idcodes not in the current edition of the Pin Guide or where there might be changes in the picture or other information.

New Pins

Collecting and Trading

I have listed pins I have available in quantities 10/03/21 from various ARC units can also be found here. Also check out the Lot Sales 09/30/21


and other Paper Memorabilia

I maintain a "master list" of posters issued by our National organization over the years.  It is fairly complete, however now and again I come across one I haven't documented yet.  The information I have includes text, description, size, year of issue, artist, and id number--or such information as applies.

To help you identify what you already have (or might be looking for), I have posted photographs of many of these ARC posters from 1910 - 1950 along with other relevant information   There are also pictures of window stickers, counter cards, worker ID tags, postcards and some other "fun" stuff!

If you have other paper items which is not on these links, I may still be able to provide information on it.  Email me by email with a picture (.jpg preferred) or the text (from upper left to lower right), and such other information you can, and I'll see what "blanks" I can fill in for you.

Counter Cards
Window Stickers
Worker ID's
Luggage Stickers
Magazine Covers
Sheet Music


There is a growing interested in the Uniforms of the organization, especially those worn during the war years.  In April 2006 I issued the Second Edition of A Guide to American Red Cross Uniforms.  It is a compilation of information from uniform manuals, photographs from our Archives or magazines, and first hand accounts of "what we were wearing."  It includes line drawings of many of the uniforms.  It is available in PDF format. Click here.

Some WWII Era Uniforms


I've added pictures of my patch collection (and a few from friends) to the web.  Click Here.  These are mostly National issues, but there are three groups of "locals."  There are more of them "out there" in most of the categories.  Have something I don't?  Let's talk! email me

Other Memorabilia

Although I have not done much in the way of research on other items, some information has "fallen into my hands" through other projects.  I may be able to narrow down era, purpose, etc. for a number of other American Red Cross items.  Send me a description and I'll see what I can do.  If nothing else, I may be able to refer you to someone else.
Christmas Seals

Coins 12/09/21


I collect almost everything.  Exceptions include letters, memos, and photographs (unless they directly relate to one of my other projects). Let me know if you have something I might me interested in.

Who The Heck Is Shirley Powers Anyway?

 A little background on me...should you care.

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